Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Protected Area

Some 70 kilometers northeast of Aqaba lies Wadi Rum, a vast silent place that is both romantic and extremely beautiful. Massive mountains rise vertically out of the pink desert sand, which separate one dark mass from another. The faces of these sheer rock cliffs have been eroded by the wind into faces of men, animals and monsters.

Everywhere in this strange and empty place are indications of man’s presence since the earliest known times. Scattered around are flint hand axes, while on the rocks at the feet of the mountains the names of ancient travellers are scratched. In the center of the valley an elaborately carved temple bears witness that Wadi Rum was once a holy place for Nabateans.

Today the major distraction in route to Aqaba is the fabled Wadi Rum. As you near Wadi Rum, look to the left or to the north, and you will see the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. These natural columns are Huge and vary in height.  The true size of the mountains at Wadi Rum is only realized when a human or animal form gives the vastness of perspective. Life does not seem to have changed in Rum for a long time.

The pace is slow and tourist activities tend to centre on the rest house.No more than a cluster of Bedouin tents and basic houses make up Rum.

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