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You´re planning to visit Jordan and discover our wonderful and exciting country? Tours in Jordan are available in many areas and all kinds of comfort. If you like to go on tour in Jordan like the old Beduins, sleeping in traditional tents and walking through beautiful valleys, framed by breathtaking rockwalls in all imaginable colours, it´s possible as well as watching the adorable nature more comfortable from a modern traveling bus and come back in a well equipped hotel in the evening. You may choose your tour in Jordan mostly fitting to your desires.

In our sight every tour in Jordan must include the capital Amman. The white city, as it also called, is full of life and historical stories. Here you can find a wide range of lifestyle from very traditional closed to the old islamic culture to the open minded western lifestyle. Between of it there is everything else. A tour in Jordan guides you through cultural opposites and surprising society varieties.

Tours in Jordan: Amman

Jordan tours coffee time

So we recommend you first for your tour in Jordan to go into the pulsing city center of Amman. Here invite a lot of attractions to visit and expire. One of the most famous historical monument and included in almost every tour in Jordan is the Roman theater. You can feel the spirit of thousands of years old events, while you climb up the high steps and enjoy the beautiful sight over wide parts of the city. On the area is also located the Jordan museum, were is shown traditional clothes and daily things. See further the Citadel on the Citadel hill and enjoy the always moving city center with its thousands of nice little shops and markets. Amman has a very …

Historical targets at a tour in Jordan


Another attraction on your tour in Jordan should be the rock city Petra which was in the past the capital of the Nabateans. You will need ore than one day, if you want to see the wonderful sandstone buildings walking or riding on a camel between high colored rock walls.

At several places on a tour in Jordan are traces of the Roman civilization, such as the ruins in Jarash, where you can walk through long streets of pillars and have a break on the steps of another Roman theater.

Impressing Nature

A tours in Jordan also can lead you to Jordan´s impressive nature attractions. There ist the Dead sea at the deepest sea level of the world. There is also the country´s entrance to the world seas: Aqaba, located at the red sea, offers you all common opportunities to have a relaxed beach holidays.

A special tour in Jordan: Folk tradition meets nature

If you like old folk traditions matched with breathtaking nature experiences, you should plan a more-day-visit to Wadi Rum for your tour in Jordan. You can – guided by original Beduins – enjoy the clear star sky of the desert, sleep in a traditional tent and ride a camel on the old path´s of nomads.

A tour in Jordan will give you the chance to discover the lots of treasures and historical secrets of our beautiful country. Ahlan wa sahlan means welcome!

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